Ken Jennings IQ

You might feel a little intrigued by the spectacular winning streak of Ken Jennings in the game of Jeopardy. So, you might actually want to know Ken Jennings’s IQ and the reasons behind his intelligence and smartness.

Ken Jennings is indeed the greatest Jeopardy player of all time. His winning streak is proof enough of his intelligence. If you want to know further, keep on reading the following complete article.

Ken Jennings IQ

Ken Jennings once revealed that his IQ score stands at 175. In addition to that, there are a few other sources that claim that the IQ score of Ken Jennings is above 170. He was an exceptional Jeopardy player and made over 4.5 million USD from the game show.

He is so sharp and precise that he has won not only once but seventy-four times in the Jeopardy game. This is a mind-blowing record considering the complexity and technicality of a few rounds of Jeopardy. But even then, Ken Jennings has never once failed at this game.

His winning streak of seventy-four finally came to an end back in the year 2004, when Nancy Zerg defeated him on the show. At that time, Ken Jennings had a score of 8,799 USD while Nancy Zerg had an overall score double that of Jennings i.e., 14,401 USD.

So, it is safe to say that Ken Jennings is indeed a highly intelligent individual. He has a very sharp and quick mind which has brought him immense success in his game show Jeopardy. In fact, he had a winning streak of seventy-four until it finally came to an end at the hands of Nancy Zerg.

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