Natalie Portman IQ

Natalie Portman is a remarkable and critically acclaimed actress and has been the highest-paid female star in the entertainment industry. However, there is much more to her than her pretty face, oscar-winning independent films, and franchises. Turns out, her intelligence and cognitive ability make her shine in the crowd.

Want to know more about Natalie Portman’s IQ score and educational background? You are at the right place. Here is everything about her smart and unique personality that has gotten her massive following.

Reportedly, Natalie has an IQ of 140, making her top 2% of people with a gifted and curious brain. She actually attended Harvard University to study psychology when filming for Star Wars, and surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg was also enrolled at the institution at that time. It also makes her the first alum in the entertainment industry to receive an Academy Award for acting.

She also took a few graduate courses at Hebrew University and has always been academically bright. During her time in college, she published two co-authored research articles in scientific journals and was voted to be most likely a “contestant on Jeopardy ” during high school. Explaining her personality in a public interview, she said,

“I was different from the other kids. I was more ambitious. I knew what I liked and what I wanted, and I worked very hard.”

Her genius does not stop here. Natalie can speak up to five languages, including German, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, and English, which is proof enough for her speed processing and linguistic potential. She has been equally bright in her acting career and has come up with best-selling movies like Black Swan, Star Wars, Closer, No Strings Attached, and Brothers.

Finally, though Natalie has never signaled her association with the Mensa community or taken any IQ test, she estimatedly has an IQ score of 140. Her academic achievements and ambitious nature are enough proof of her geniuses.

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