Sample IQ Test Questions

IQ testing is used to test the intelligence of an individual. There are several standardized IQ tests that are conducted to check the intelligence levels of the person. There are several questions that are asked in the IQ tests that you have to answer using your intelligence.

The answers to the questions are then graded and compared with the scores of an average individual. Here in this article, we will look at some of the sample IQ test questions and sample answers so that you can know what type of questions you must answer when giving the IQ test.

Sample IQ Test Questions

The guide covers the details about IQ test questions and some samples of IQ test questions and answers so that you can understand the type of questions you will be asked while giving the IQ test. Well keep in mind the classic IQ tests consist of questions related to logical reasoning, spatial intelligence, numerical reasoning, and verbal intelligence. Here is the list of some of the common IQ test sample questions so you can prepare yourself mentally for the test.

IQ Test Sample Questions

Which number logically follows this series?

7 9 5 11 4 15 12 7 13 8 11 ?

  • 1)8
  • 2) 10
  • 3) 11
  • 4) 13

Answer: 2 (10)

Find out the missing number.

1. 8 10 14 18? 34 50 66

  • 1)20
  • 2) 26
  • 3) 28
  • 4) 30

Answer: 2 (26) bold

Find the correct answer

Maria is 16 years old. She is four times older than her brother. How old will Maria be when she is twice his age?

  • 1) That’s impossible
  • 2) 20
  • 3) 24
  • 4) 28

Answer: 3 (24)

Five machines make five parts in 5 minutes. How long does it take to make 100 parts on 100 machines? Bold

  • 1) 5
  • 2) 10
  • 3) 15
  • 4) 30

Answer: 1 (5)

Which fraction is the biggest?

  • 1) 3/5
  • 2) 5/8
  • 3) 1/2
  • 4) 4/7

Answer: 2 (⅝)

What is the name given to a group of HORSES?

  • 1) husk
  • 2) harras
  • 3) mute
  • 4) rush

Answer: 2 (harras)



  • 1) use
  • 2) create
  • 3) construct
  • 4) invent

Answer: 4 (invent) bold

Which one of these is not a vegetable?

  • 1) rocart
  • 2) xestte
  • 3) romraw
  • 4) eyeclr

Answer: 2 (xestte)

How many minutes is it before noon if 29 minutes ago it was six times as many minutes past 10 am?

  • 1) 13 minutes
  • 2) 15 minutes
  • 3) 10 minutes
  • 4) 16 minutes

Answer: 1 (13 minutes)

Which is the odd one out?

  • 1) dilate
  • 2) elaborate
  • 3) expatiate
  • 4) interpret

Answer: 4 (interpret)

What type of questions are asked in the IQ test?

The questions related to numerical reasoning, logical thinking, critical analysis, and mathematical calculation are asked in the IQ Test. Moreover, the IQ Test also consists of questions related to spatial intelligence and verbal intelligence.

What is the world’s shortest IQ Test?

One of the world’s simplest IQ tests that is reliable is the cognitive reflection test. It is one of the simplest IQ tests in the world that checks an individual’s intelligence.

What was the first IQ test, and who developed it?

Alfred Binet was a researcher and psychologist who developed the first IQ Test, the Binet-Simon test. The test consisted of a series of questions and was not only applicable to determine the intelligence of an individual but also used as the foundation of current IQ tests that are used today.

This article tells you about some of the relevant IQ questions and their sample answers so you can know what questions will be asked in an IQ test. These questions are not asked as it is; instead, they are asked differently, but their concept remains the same. Pay attention to the details mentioned above so you can know what type of questions will be asked in the IQ Test.

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