Emory Tate IQ

If you play chess, you must be familiar with Emroy Tate. He was one of the best chess players in America till the day he left the world. Emroy’s gaming style, aggressive moves, and passion for the game helped him earn a reputation.

People would get shocked after seeing him play chess during the tournaments. His intelligent moves would surprise people, considering he never studied the game. As discussed below, he was sharp, clever, and had a high IQ.

Emory Tate IQ

Emory Andrew Tate Jr, father of the internet personality Andrew Tate, was an international chess master. He was known to have a photographic memory and was a genius. Emory started playing chess in 1993 and was the 72-highest-rated player in America.

He won about 80 tournament games against the Grandmasters and the Chess Championship five times. According to his elder son, Emroy never studied or used chess computers. This is quite amazing and makes him a total genius.

After knowing his chess skills, it wouldn’t be surprising that Emroy had an IQ of 160. He was at an upper-extreme level of intelligence. Remember that only 0.5% of people worldwide have this IQ score.

Emroy was an intelligent person who earned his reputation for his exceptional skills. His fellow, Leroy Hill, once mentioned that Emroy was “Extraterrestrial” because his chess skills were out of this world. He died during a tournament in California.

His love for the game, aggressive playing style, risk-taking ability, and passion is still remembered. Sharp-minded people like Emroy are hard to find nowadays.

A brief article on Emroy Tate’s IQ can help his fans understand his intelligence. He was a one-of-a-kind chess player in America. His aggressive and intelligent moves would shock the audiences during the tournaments.

Emory had an IQ score of 160, which is exceptional. He had a health issue at the end but continued playing the game till his last breath.

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