Andrew Tate IQ

The four-time kickboxing champion and controversial media personality Andrew Tate might be smarter than many think. Though he and his brother Tristen are indeed best known for showcasing their luxury lifestyle and controversial views on politics, money, and women, they may not be as superficial as it all seems.

Do you want to know more about his mental ability on the scale of standard Intelligence quotient testing? Keep reading.

As claimed by Tate, his IQ score is 148, though he didn’t specify the scale of the test. And, if we do some Math, Mensa states that the top 2% on the Mensa test is equivalent to scoring 132 or more on the Stanford-Binet test and 148 or above on the Cattell scale. In an interview with Adin Ross, Tate said that his IQ score (148) was not incredible, so he added it to his street smartness to make it incredible.

Given his background, Tate is the son of Emory Andrew Tate, an attorney and chess player, who won around 80 tournaments against grandmasters. A lot of his intelligence passed down to Andrew and he himself played in adult tournaments when he was 5. Tucker Carlson, the American commentator said this about Tate,

“I’ll tell you what I know for a fact, which is Andrew Tate is really smart, he has a coherent worldview, a fascinating person, and I felt that his views deserved an airing.”

Andrew Tate may be a controversial personality, but his personality is reflective of high intelligence and above-average caliber. Though his IQ scores are contested and doubtful to some, there is minimal doubt about his cognition abilities lying in the above-average category.

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