Light Yagami IQ

In anime, some characters have captivated the audience with their unique characteristics and attractive features. One such character is Light Yagami from the famous series Death Note. I remember Death Note trending a few years back, and the most loved character in this series, Light Yagami, got immense love from everyone.

Light Yagami and His IQ Score

Light Yagami is a fictional character from the renowned anime and manga series Death Note. Besides his captivating charisma, one thing that made his character even more intriguing is his brilliant and cunning behaviour. His strategic and analytical abilities to tackle a situation made many wonder what the Light Yagami IQ would be.

He is a fictional character, and it is hard to tell his IQ as the standardized intelligence quotient tests nowadays only apply to humans. However, Light Yagami’s IQ can be estimated by analyzing the qualities of his character, such as intellectual abilities, problem-solving skills, etc. According to last year’s report, Light Yagami’s IQ is 148, and some say it is around 210.

Undoubtedly, both scores are better than countless humans. His high IQ and analytical abilities equip his character with strategic prowess and extraordinary brilliance.

Light’s dialogue is stuck in my memory forever when he says, “I want the world to know my existence.” It is a pretty straightforward and blunt statement that many find attractive.

He later proved it with his actions. If you have not watched Death Note yet, you should if you want to see what it feels like to have over 148 IQ.

Light Yagami IQ is higher than 140, probably 148 or over. His brilliance and wittiness can be seen in the series, but like everybody else, he got entangled in his actions, which led him to his downfall. If we analyze his character deeply, we are certain Light’s IQ is as captivating as his charisma.

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