Walter White IQ

Walter White is a fictional character in Breaking Bad, a TV series that stormed the box office and is one of the most famous shows of all time that tells the story of a chemistry school teacher who becomes an inevitable criminal with the passage of time. The thing that fascinated his fans was the cognitive skills he demonstrated in the TV series. Some question if he is smarter than Stephen Hawking or Einstein, while others want to know the exact IQ score of Walter White.

Fictional Character IQ

When it comes to fictional characters’ cognitive abilities, we do not have any method to measure their IQ. However, we can adopt multiple approaches to estimate their IQ, such as directly asking the series producer or writer about the character’s IQ. In Breaking Bad, he is depicted as a highly intelligent person who also has some mental health problems.

He is unable to build bonds with people and is interested in particular behaviors. His fans estimate that his IQ lies between 156 and 165; simply put, he is a genius. However, these estimates are not accurate as one has to participate in the IQ test to get an accurate score, while these scores are estimated after the evaluation of the Walter White character multiple times.

Walter White is an incredible character who becomes evil with the passage of time. Breaking Bad is based on the themes of greed, passion, intelligence, cooperation, and competition. Undoubtedly, Walter White is an incredibly intelligent person based on the series evaluation.

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