Walter O’Brien IQ

Walter O’Brien has become the subject of attention after claiming that he has the highest IQ ever recorded. He is the founder of a cybersecurity company located in Ireland, and he is also known for his biopic series Scorpion. After publicly discussing his IQ, people are interested in knowing about his IQ score, so follow my lead to explore him more.

Irish Businessman IQ

Walter O’Brien claims that he has been exceptionally intelligent since childhood. He says that because of his extraordinary cognitive skills, he is able to build a tech company, Scorpion Computer Services. Additionally, he is credited with 150 inventions, but the data about the core services and the inventions is hidden from the public; therefore, I cannot mention his inventions here.

He was the one who promoted STEM fields all around the world, including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. According to some reports, his IQ is about 197. If we analyze the data related to IQ, we see that his cognitive abilities are more than excellent, as he is one of the top geniuses of all time.

Walter O’Brien has made rapid progress in the past few years, and he has connections with the strongest militaries in the world, including the UK and the USA military. His incredible IQ is a demonstration that he can achieve extraordinary goals. We should appreciate his intelligence and acknowledge his efforts.

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