Thomas Edison IQ

There are very few people who revolutionized the world without having a special educational background, in which Thomas Edison is at the top. He gave us more than 1000 inventions, including the electric bulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera. His inventions made people think about his intelligence and imagination powers; let’s explore his cognitive abilities.

An American Inventor IQ

Thomas Edison is one of the greatest minds of all time, he gave this world the first electric light bulb, the first audio recorder, and the first video camera. Some criticize him, saying that he did not invent all alone and had a team of scientists with him. It is true that he had a team of scientists and researchers with him, but still, he had a record of 1093 U.S patents.

The interesting part of his life story is that he had limited school education, as he was dropped out with a label that he had a mental disability. His mother taught him all the basic skills a person should have. He was intelligent since childhood, and when he grew up in a positive environment, his cognitive skills were polished in a way that he emerged as one of the greatest inventors of his time.

Determining his IQ is very difficult because he passed away before the IQ test was introduced; hence, there is no record that he had specific scores on the test. Some historians and intelligence experts estimate that he must have had incredible imaginative power as well as an incredible IQ. They rate his intelligence between 160 to 310.

Thomas Edison proved to the world that if one uses his intelligence in the right way, he can change the direction of the future with his inventions. It is true that he dropped out due to the low academic scores, but instead of making low scores his weakness, he made it his power and then revolutionized the field of electrical science. We should acknowledge his efforts and appreciate his contributions to science.

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