Steve Jobs IQ

Probably, no one in our country is unfamiliar with Steve Jobs’ contributions, an American investor, inventor, and businessman who revolutionized computer and cell phone technology. He died in 2011, but his fans are still interested to know about him, his personal life, his work routine, and his IQ level. Some say his IQ is around 200, while others consider that he scored more on the emotional quotient scale rather than the intelligence quotient; let’s explore.

Apple Founder IQ

Mr. Jobs is one of the most famous personalities of the 20th and 21st centuries who changed the direction of our world and gave us personal computers. He along with his brother Steve Wozniak, worked on the technology of the 1990s and tried to change the size, shape, and technology of massive computers so the general population could access these advanced machines.

He is the founder of Apple, which later manufactured the world’s most advanced cell phone. Additionally, he worked on early animations as chairperson of Pixar’s revitalization of the animation industry; you can see his work in the “Toy Story” movie. All these contributions indicate that he might have a genius-level IQ; however, some sources claim that his IQ score is 160, but sources lack credibility.

We cannot label him with a specific score of IQ until we have proof that he scored high on the IQ test. It is true that he was a very intelligent person; his social, emotional, and existential intelligence was higher than an average person, but there is no known record that he participated in an IQ test. I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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