Melania Trump IQ

Some sources claim that Melania Trump is an extraordinarily intelligent person, and she scored above 200 on the IQ test. In contrast, Trump’s critics consider such claims fake and argue that both Melania and Trump are unintelligent. The sources have heated up a debate between Trump’s followers and critics about his wife’s IQ; let’s explore it in detail.

American Former First Lady IQ

Solivian American Melania has become the subject of news headlines and newspapers after the conflict between husband and wife was leaked to the media. Some consider her intelligent, while others say that she is not a wise woman. These two viewpoints cover whether she is a wise woman.

Some sources claim that her IQ is around 200, while others say she has an average IQ score. The average IQ score in the USA is 98, and a person who scores between 85 and 115 is considered average, but if a person scores lower than 85, he is considered below average, or if he scores higher than 115, he is called above average. There is no official record available that Melania Trump has a higher IQ than average, nor does any source claim she lies in a range below average; instead, sources state that she never participated in an IQ test.

If we analyze Melania, she is a successful lady as she runs a business, has appeared on the ramp multiple times, and has served as a First Lady of America efficiently. She never disclosed her IQ score, but we can say that she is an intelligent woman who can accomplish her goals, manage multiple jobs, and perform complex tasks. We should appreciate her efforts and acknowledge that she is an extraordinary woman.

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