Lady Gaga IQ

Lady Gaga’s IQ is indeed a very fascinating topic as she has displayed high levels of intelligence repeatedly throughout her life. You can not listen to her speeches without noticing her smart mind and eloquent mental clarity.

Her intelligence has helped her become a very strategic businesswoman as well. For further details, I suggest you keep reading down below.

Lady Gaga IQ

According to various sources, it is confirmed that Lady Gaga has an IQ score of about 166 which puts her over the line of the top 99 percent of the most intelligent people on earth. There is no doubt about her smartness and intelligence as she is recognized for her exceptional business acumen and smart decision-making skills.

Excellent Academic Record

Lady Gaga has always displayed signs of high intellect as she was the brightest student all through school and college. She was only four years old when she started playing piano and thirteen when she wrote her first ballad. At seventeen she was admitted to York University’s Tisch School of the Arts making her one of the lucky seventeen people to get early admission to this prestigious school.

High Emotional Intelligence

Lady Gaga has high emotional intelligence as she connects with her fans on a deeper emotional level. In addition to that, she also has a firm grasp of her own emotions.

Critical Thinking

Lady Gaga has displayed true signs of critical thinking in all her public speeches. She can talk about complex social issues with great ease and effectiveness.

So, it is safe to say that Lady Gaga is indeed a very intelligent and super-smart woman. She has the ability to make quick decisions without seeking anybody’s help, She has exceptional communication skills and mental clarity.

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