Marilyn Monroe IQ

Marilyn Monroe is known for a series of titles, including an incredible actress, a fabulous model, an exceptional fashion icon, and a pro-feminist of her time. People see the mere side of a picture, and that’s why they focus on her social life and public persona, but the majority of us do not know that she was an incredibly intelligent lady. Some claim she had an IQ of more than 160, while others say she was more intelligent than Albert Einstein, let’s explore the facts about Marilyn Monroe.

1900s American Actress IQ

Norma Jeane Mortenson was born in the USA in 1926 when our country faced economic issues and the film industry was progressing rapidly. Norma Jeane Mortenson, also known as Marilyn Monroe, joined the music and film industry at a young age and later emerged as one of the most famous women of her time.

People draw a mental picture of her on the basis of her social persona, but they ignore the fact that she was a scholarly lady in her personal life. There is no record that she participated in the IQ test, but sources claim that she had a library of more than 400 books, from fiction to nonfiction, as well as natural and social science books.

Her work, such as acting, singing, and modeling, reflected her high cognitive abilities. In addition, she participated in the feminist movement of the 1900s and emerged as an advocate for women in the region. No doubt, she had exceptional cognitive abilities, and we should appreciate her efforts and acknowledge her struggle.

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