What IQ Is Considered Disabled

Intelligence quotient IQ is the measure of the intelligence level of an individual. There are standardized IQ tests that psychologists and professionals create. These tests are taken by an individual, and the scores given to them at the end are their IQ scores after making calculations.

The score ranges from 0 to 200, and an IQ score below 70 is termed an intellectual disability that was formerly known to be mental retardation. Let’s look at the in-depth details of what IQ is considered disabled and what are the four levels of intellectual disability in the guide below.

What IQ Is Considered Disabled?

IQ level below 70 is considered disabled. And when we talk about borderline IQ levels, the IQ level between 71 to 84 is called “Borderline Intellectual Functioning.” There are further subgroups of intellectual disability that are divided based on Iq scores.

When the IQ score of an individual is between 50 to 70, we say it is “Mild Mental Retardation,” whereas the IQ score between 36 to 49 is called “Moderate Mental Retardation.” When the IQ scores drop down to 20 to 35, it is called “Severe Mental Retardation.” And the IQ level below 20 is “Profound Mental Retardation.”

Remember that you cannot get the assessment results of children younger than five years by using formal IQ tests. Moreover, you can also not predict the abnormalities at this early age.

This intellectual disability, formerly known as mental retardation, affects not only the individual but also the society and family. So whenever IQ scores get below 70, it is something to consider and worry about to sort out the reasons and deal with the situations so that the condition does not affect the individual severely.

Is a 70 IQ Score an intellectual disability?

Yes, an IQ score equal to or below 70 is termed as Intellectual Disability or Mental Retardation. It was formerly known as mental retardation, and it has four sub-levels. Moreover, the IQ score range between 71 and 84 is called Borderline Intellectual Functioning.

What are the four levels of mental retardation?

Mental retardation or intellectual disability has four sub-levels, including Mild Mental Retardation, Moderate Mental Retardation, Severe Mental Retardation and Profound Mental Retardation. Mild Mental Retardation occurs when the IQ score is between 50 to 70. “Moderate MR” occurs when the IQ score is between 36 to 49, “Severe MR” occurs when the score drops to 20 to 35, and “Profound Mental Retardation” occurs when IQ level gets below 20.

What IQ is genius level?

IQ above 140 is considered as “Genius or Nearly Genius.” Those with IQ levels between 120 and 140 are known to be “Super Intelligent” or are called “God Gifted.” When the IQ levels drop from 110 to 119, the score is termed “Above Average.”

IQ is the measure of the intelligence level of an individual. When the IQ score of anyone is 70 or less than that, that means an individual has a particular mental disability, intellectual disability, or mental retardation.

Furthermore, mental retardation is subdivided into four levels depending on the severity of the problem. Pay attention to the above article so you can learn about the details related to what IQ is considered disabled and the levels of intellectual disability based on IQ scores.

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