Donald Trump’s IQ Level

Donald Trump is one of the most discussed presidents in America, as hundreds of books have been written in his favour and against him, and analysts consider him aggressive, whereas others call him a warrior. The majority of people consider that he is intellectually low to take the chair or president, while Democrats consider him the most unintelligent president. Let’s dive into Trump’s mind and see whether he is unintelligent or we always take him wrong.

American President IQ

Mental stability and an IQ are always considered important for a person who is running for the presidency in America. Americans consider that if a person has low cognitive abilities, he cannot make the right decision at the right time, and it can not only affect American Democracy but can also ruin world affairs. Experts heated up a debate about whether he is suitable for the presidency or whether Americans should think twice before casting a vote in his favour.

There are various approaches when we discuss the IQ of Mr. Trump; some claim he is mentally disabled, while others consider him the Messiah for Republicans. An expert on intelligence and politics, Dr. Perry says that people who consider him dumb or unintelligent should know that he is an intelligent person. He also added that his scores in emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities, vision and organization are low.

It raises the concern that if he has a low score, then how he can win an election and serve as president? Dr. Perry says that his ability to impress people, his communication style, and his political skills are polished and better than those of his competitors, and that’s why he is getting favours from people. However, there is no IQ result available, and the White House has released no SAT result, nor has Mr. Trump confirmed his IQ score.

Politics is a field in which one has to be more Machiavellian and tolerant at the same time rather than being intelligent. People vote for a person who seems impressive, not one who talks about revolution 24/7. Mr. Trump demonstrates cognitive abilities and is intelligent enough to run the country; however, he has problems understanding complicated diplomatic issues.

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