Snoop Dogg IQ

Snoop Dogg is one of the pioneers of West Coast hip hop; specifically, he started the G-funk genre. He not only initiated a new genre of music but also helped new boys and girls to join the music industry, worked for the poor people by raising funds for them, and established a business empire that is now valued at millions of dollars. His success is a sign that this man possesses extraordinary cognitive abilities; come with me to explore what is in his mind.

American Rap Star IQ

The majority of the people accuse black people of belonging to a lower class as they are less educated. Some link their low education rates with their intelligence and claim they possess unintelligent minds, while others consider that they are by birth criminals. The myth was discarded when African Americans joined the music industry of America and revolutionized it.

From introducing the Jazz genre to initiating Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues, all were initiated by African Americans. In the 1990s, Snoop Dogg, covering his head, released music tracks that took the American music industry by storm; then, he introduced G-funk, a new music genre. Later, he released music tracks one after another, and each of his songs went viral.

The low intelligence myth was discarded by Snoop Dogg, who changed the entire music industry. After analyzing his success, people consider him not only smarter than the average person, but some label him with the title of genius. Sources claim that he has an IQ score of 147, meaning his cognitive abilities are far better than average.

Snoop Dogg is known for his incredibly awesome music, but very few people know that he has a genius-level IQ. The way he made rapid success without fighting the cruels of racism, he proved himself to be an extraordinary person. He changed the conservative mentality of people that blacks are unintelligent; we should acknowledge his efforts and appreciate his struggle.

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