Abraham Lincoln IQ

Have you ever wondered, how intelligent one must be to lead a nation effectively? Well, intelligent enough to manage and lead the whole country. Dean Simonton, a psychologist and researcher from UC Davis, tried to measure the intelligence of U.S. presidents by estimating their IQ levels.

By considering multiple factors like intellectual brilliance and openness, Simonton provided insights into the cognitive capabilities of presidents. This list also includes Abraham Lincoln, an American lawyer, politician, and statesman who held office as the 16th president of the United States. So, now, the main question is; how intelligent was Abraham Lincoln?

What was Abraham Lincoln’s IQ?

How smart was Abraham Lincoln? His intellect was quite remarkable. Born to a Kentucky frontiersman, Lincoln grew up doing farmwork and splitting rail for fences all the while educating himself to read and write.

According to Simonton’s estimates, Abraham Lincoln’s IQ stood at 150. He rose from a humble background, born into poverty with a father who was skeptical of formal education. Despite receiving no more than a year of schooling, Lincoln not only taught himself to read but also pursued legal studies and successfully passed the bar exam.

Furthermore, he also studied complicated topics like Euclid’s Geometry and became very skilled at it. Additionally, he was also a great speechwriter, and his ability to speak well helped him become the president, the highest position in politics. Before his presidency, Lincoln learned law on his own and became a successful attorney without going to college.

To sum up, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most widely known presidents in American history. He was remarkably intelligent, with an IQ score of 150.

His achievements are even more remarkable given his limited formal education and mostly self-taught background. Despite this, he managed to become a lawyer and as president, guided the Union during the Civil War and enacted the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery.

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