Bill Gates IQ

Who doesn’t know Bill Gates, the co-founder of the world-famous Microsoft? Almost everything about him is on the internet, from his school life to building his own company, his net worth, and all other details. However, one thing that has not been given enough attention is Bill Gates’s IQ.

You must have landed here to gather some information regarding Bill Gates IQ. If you want to find out Bill Gates’ IQ score, you are in the right place. Let’s see the IQ of the world’s remarkable business, technology, and philanthropy contributor, Bill Gates.

What is Bill Gates’ IQ Score?

Many are interested in finding Bill Gates, and numerous reports have been circulated on the internet revealing his IQ score, i-e., 160. An individual with an IQ of 160 is undoubtedly gifted; however, all this news is unverified.

We can not say anything about Bill Gates’s IQ due to the questionable credibility of the report available online. This does not mean Bill Gates is not an intelligent individual. To determine his intelligence, we dig deeper to analyze his cognitive abilities through his academic performance and cognitive abilities.

People with higher IQs are extremely good at logical reasoning, problem-solving, and mathematical problems. Guess what? From his school records, it is evident he nailed all these areas.

However, this does not reveal his IQ; we can determine his intelligence to a certain level with these. He seemed interested in computer programming from quite a young age. When he got into Harvard University, he showed a profound interest in technology, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

He is a university dropout and created Microsoft, which is enough to prove his intellectual abilities, programming skills, and innovative thinking. No proof is needed for the technical brilliance of Bill Gates.

Although we have a record of Bill Gates IQ, it is evident from his profound impact on the technology industry that he is no less than any high-scoring IQ individual. It won’t be wrong to say he is naturally talented and his intelligence exceeds the numerical measure.

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