Hikaru Nakamura IQ

Hikaru Nakamura is a known name in the world of chess. His record-breaking games have been the talk of the town since he was a kid. He has a controversial personality but is an intelligent guy.

People always wonder about his intelligence level after watching him play. The information below has his IQ score, which many believe isn’t true. People think winning so many games is impossible without a high general intelligence.

Hikaru Nakamura IQ

Christopher Hikaru Nakamura is a five-time US Chess Champion but was born in Japan. He became famous at 10 when he defeated an International Master at the Marshall Chess Club. Nakamura was the youngest to achieve the title, breaking the record for Vinay Bhat.

He started his chess career when he was young and earned his reputation. The player was considered intelligent because he set new records and beat older players. He never raved about his chess skills, nor did he talk about his intelligence.

According to the sources, Nakamaru’s IQ score was 102 when he took a test in 2020. Most of his fans don’t believe this to be true because he isn’t an average individual. He’s sharp-minded and intelligent as compared to others.

He’s considered to be one of the best players of all time. Most people, including the player himself, think that chess has nothing to do with the person’s intelligence. You don’t need a high IQ score to become a good chess player.

A brief article on Hikaru Nakamura’s IQ was written so people can learn about his intelligence. He was considered to be one of the best chess players. However, the test disclosed his IQ score, which wasn’t believed to be accurate.

He has an IQ score of above 130, considering his gaming skills. His strategic moves made everyone a fan of the game.

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