Lebron James IQ

Lebron James’ IQ is a matter of great discussion, admiration, and envy amongst NBA players. Many have confirmed that the man has a very sharp memory.

Lebron James himself has dictated the happenings of years-old basketball game plays as if it was only yesterday. For further details, keep on reading down below.

Lebron James IQ

Lebron James has a very high basketball IQ which has made him achieve success in his field. He has an IQ of 113 which is a high average intelligence thereby making him a very smart man. He may not be a genius in other aspects of his life, but in the basketball world, he is nothing short of a true genius.

Photographic Memory

Lebron James reportedly has a photographic memory as he has repeatedly vocalized the entire gameplay in various interviews. In addition to that, many of his colleagues have confirmed that he has such a sharp memory that before every match he would know the entire playbook work-by-word.

High Emotional Intelligence

Lebron James is said to have high emotional intelligence as he knows how to monitor his own emotions as well as those around him. His discipline of thought and perseverance have helped him do wonders on the basketball court.

Laser Sharp Focus

Another representative of Lebron James’s high intelligence is his laser-sharp focus. He has the ability to streamline his thoughts, mentally eliminate all distractions, and focus on a single task at hand.

So, it is safe to say that Lebron James does indeed have a very high IQ score and has displayed his intelligence and smartness in multiple ways and on various occasions. He has a high level of emotional intelligence, discipline in thoughts, and a photographic memory.

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