James Holzhauer IQ

You must’ve been familiar with James Holzhauer if you watch game shows. He’s known for winning game shows and becoming Jeopardy’s most prominent winner ever. James mentioned his high IQ, which is evident in his show appearances.

The article discusses his IQ score after his unbelievable performance. He’s always been the kid who never used a calculator and was fascinated by the numbers.

James Holzhauer IQ

James Holzhauer is a professional sports gambler born in 1984. He appeared on “The Chase” in 2014 and set a record after answering 19 questions correctly for his team. The show’s producer, Bob Boden, was impressed with James and auditioned him to join the show.

He appeared on “500 Questions” and “Jeopardy” and won thousands of dollars. James won the Masters tournament of the Jeopardy and earned a prize of $500,000. His winning streak and sharp-mindedness make people think about his intelligence score.

He was asked about his IQ once, and he replied that he does have a high IQ but not a photographic memory. James further mentioned that he thinks his IQ is 158 but hasn’t checked in a long time. Remember that only geniuses can have an IQ of 158.

Steve Hawking and Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160, only two points higher than James’s. He’s an intelligent guy with a sharp mind.

During his interviews, he said he’s a maximizer who doesn’t settle for good enough things. He says he’s wired like that and cannot settle for less.

A brief article on James Holzhauer’s IQ gives an insight into his intelligence. The sports gambler is an intelligent guy with a sharp mind. He has an IQ score of 158 and cannot settle for less.

James has appeared in many shows and nailed them. He’s a sharp-minded individual who is fascinated by the numbers.

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