Ted Bundy IQ

We all know the evil Ted Bundy from his heinous acts of killing several women and admitting to at least 30 killings. A member of his defense team, Polly Nelson described him as the heartless evil. Though he was executed in 1989, his killing strategies and torture methods make everyone wonder about his thinking patterns and cognitive abilities.

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Reportedly, Bundy had an IQ score of 130, which is higher than the average population and makes him a smart person. Theodore Robert Bundy was born in November 1946 in America, and he soon turned to crimes like kidnapping, rape, and burglary. Much to the public’s surprise, he was an educated man and received his Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Washington.

Similarly, when he was arrested for killing 30 women, Ted escaped from prison twice, which is reason enough for his above-average cognition. Not only this, but he also represented himself in court instead of professional lawyers. During his killings, he would trick the victims by faking injuries, using medical prompts as weapons, and impersonating the cops.

Thankfully, serial killers like Bundy are a rare breed and an average person cannot even think of killing people without any remorse or a shred of emotion. Hence, scientists have researched and established a link between their brain’s criminal cerebrum and psychopathy that turns them into repeated murders. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Ted Bundy’s brain was sought out after execution.

Finally, Ted Bundy has been described globally as cruel, emotionless, and straight evil. Though his IQ score and cognition abilities are above average, he had used it for all the negative and criminal reasons. He is the most hated serial killer across the globe.

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