Jeffrey Dahmer IQ

Some may assume that murderers or serial killers aren’t necessarily the most intelligent individuals- after all, they must be aware that they will eventually be caught and detained. However, this is a wrong assumption, it is noteworthy that many serial killers boast high intelligence, suggesting that their downfall may be attributed to their arrogance rather than lack of intelligence. Jeffrey Dahmer is one of those individuals considered to be the ‘smartest’ serial killer.

We all are aware that Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, who committed at least 17 murders over the course of more than a decade. But the main question is; how high was his IQ? Was he as intelligent as he’s rumored to be?

Was Jeffery Dahmer Intelligent?

Jeffery Dahmer, often labeled as one of history’s most disturbed and infamous serial killers, doesn’t typically come to mind when we think of ‘genius.’ However, his IQ test suggests a level of intelligence that defies common expectations. Despite his horrific crimes, Dahmer’s intelligence remains a puzzling part of his dark history.

Dahmer reportedly scored 145 on an IQ test, placing him in the 98th percentile. Moreover, his IQ apparently rivals that of Andrew Cunanan, Ted Bundy, and Edmund Kemper. Nevertheless, the reliability of IQ tests in gauging overall intelligence has been debated by scientists for decades.

Additionally, despite his high IQ, he scored pretty badly in his studies. His challenges with math and his low grades stem from a variety of factors including lack of motivation, learning disabilities, or personal circumstances. Some sources do not agree with Dahmer’s IQ at 145, and suggest his IQ was around 117.

In conclusion, Jeffrey Dahmer is a notorious American serial killer who murdered 17 males. He was considered a smart fellow with an IQ of 145. However, this IQ was questioned by multiple sources, which suggested that his IQ was around 117.

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