Can You Improve Your IQ and Does It Change With Age?

Have you ever wondered if your IQ level can change or improve with age? Many studies support the idea that it’s possible to boost your IQ level with intellectual training. Your life experiences and your personal and professional growth can also be essential in improving your IQ level.

If you need to read more about this topic, refer to the information below. The methods for improving your IQ are explained. Try using them to increase your intelligence and observe if you get better despite increasing age.

Does Your IQ Change With Age?

Intelligence Quotient or IQ helps determine or measure a person’s mental or cognitive ability. It is not the only or perfect measure to determine an individual’s intelligence or potential. Ordinary people are of the view that IQ is fixed and unchangeable.

This isn’t true because multiple intelligences change with personal and professional growth and life experiences. The IQ score can change during different life stages and is not unchangeable. Children’s IQ levels change as they grow up.

Many studies support the idea that memory training can help raise people’s IQs, especially children in school. Analysts/researchers claim that the IQ of adults changes with time, too. Although the IQ scores from the tests may be similar if taken after ten years, it is because IQ is measured with age.

Multiple studies have shown that intellectual abilities develop at a certain age. A recent study revealed that IQ or abilities can increase at any age. Although the causes for the increase are unknown, they may depend on the brain’s structure.

Can You Improve Your IQ?

The debate about whether you can improve or increase your IQ is ongoing. Research does suggest that it’s possible to improve your IQ level by doing certain brain training activities. Training your mind can help boost intelligence levels and give you more control.

An individual’s IQ was believed to be static previously but is found to be way more dynamic. Neuroscientists are thoroughly studying the cognitive ability of the brain. They have a few strategies that can help improve brain power and IQ.

If you want to improve your IQ, follow the methods discussed below. These can help enhance reasoning, planning, and problem-solving.

How To Improve IQ?

Practice Memory Activities

Practicing memory activities helps improve your memory and can help with IQ. Your reasoning and language skills are enhanced. Many dementia patients are advised to indulge in memory activities to increase their brain activity.

Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, and card-matching games are the best examples of memory activities. They involve memory training that can help improve IQ.

Musical Instruments

Playing musical instruments can have a significant impact on the brain’s activity. You don’t have to be a musician to play; learning an instrument can get the job done. According to a study, people who play instruments for an hour a week have an increased IQ than others.

Everyone, from children to adults, can benefit from music training. It is said that children who grow up in a musically enriched environment have a better IQ than others.


It is a known fact that frequent reading plays an essential role in the development of human cognitive ability. It can be a great activity that parents and children can have together.

Reading new books will encourage brain development. Hence, spending 30 minutes on daily reading can be an excellent method for increasing IQ.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet is essential to improving your IQ. Incorporating brain-boosting foods into your diet can enhance your IQ level. Foods like nuts, fish, vegetables, and dark chocolate can help improve intelligence.

Prioritize Quality Sleep

The brain can only perform well if you have adequate sleep every night. Many researchers emphasize having proper sleep because deprivation can negatively impact cognitive performance.

You must aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep, have a relaxing bedtime routine, and should keep the bedroom quiet and dark. Good sleep will allow your brain to charge overnight and perform well the following day fully.

Improve Social Connections

Social connections can help enhance problem-solving abilities. If you’re social and can interact with people, you may have a higher IQ than others. Moreover, participating in community events, attending workshops, and joining clubs can improve your IQ.

Does fluoride lower IQ?

Fluoride intake is linked to an individual’s IQ—an increase in fluoride intake results in a 3.7-point IQ score drop in individuals.

Does weed lower IQ?

People who are using weed and take heavy doses regularly have lost 8 IQ points. Frequent use of weed can affect the brain’s activity.

At what age is IQ stable?

It is believed that the IQ of an individual stabilizes when they are 6 to 7 years of age. However, it may increase when they go through different stages of life.

Can IQ be increased after 18?

IQ can change over time depending on the individual’s life experiences and growth. The older you grow, the more stable your IQ will get.

A brief yet interesting article on IQ helps people learn more about it. Intelligence Quotient or IQ can help measure cognitive ability and can change with time. The older an individual gets, the more stable IQ he has.

It is changeable and can be improved with time. Following different methods cannot only improve IQ but also improve overall brain activity. Hence, your IQ can change and improve with time.

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