Michael Kearney IQ

While talking about IQ, we come across many individuals with high IQ scores. Michael Kearney is one of those individuals whose IQ score will shock you. Continue reading if you want to discover Michael Kearney’s IQ and intellectual abilities.

What is Michael Kearney’s IQ?

While searching Michael Kearney’s IQ, we did not get the same results. Every report and news outlet shared a different IQ score, so it’s hard to tell the exact IQ score of Michael Kearney. According to one report, his IQ is 325, but experts say it is over-estimated, and his IQ is either 200 or 263.

Regardless of his IQ score on the standardized IQ tests, his academic excellence and life achievements are proof of his extraordinary smartness. He holds several world records, one being the world’s youngest university graduate. Michael Kearney earned his bachelor’s degree at age 10, which only an extraordinary genius can do.

Moreover, he was a teenager when he started teaching at a renowned college. How many teenage teachers have you seen in your life? Hardly a few, right?

Besides his shocking academic performance, his gaming skills are superb. He participated in a game show and won over one million dollars.

Was Michael Kearney Born a Genius?

Michael Kearney’s history shows he was born intelligent, and multiple incidents are proof of his brilliance. He spoke his first word when he was only four months old and could read when he was ten months old. This behavior is not seen generally in kids, and it shows his brain functioning and performance are much higher than his age.

Many incidents prove that Michael Kearney’s IQ is much higher than estimated and that he is a gifted child. He achieved a perfect score at Johns Hopkins’ precocious math program at four, without any specific exam preparation.

There is no accurate information available for Michael Kearney’s IQ. However, his academic performance and life achievements proved that he is intelligent.

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