George W Bush IQ

George Walker Bush, an American politician and businessman, held office as the 43rd president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. How smart is Goerge W Bush? There were a lot of controversies when it came to the IQ score of George W Bush.

In 2001, a hoax report was circulated claiming that Bush had the lowest IQ compared to other presidents in the last 50 years. So, it leads to confusion as to whether this report is true or just a false rumor. Let me break down the intellectual capacity of George W Bush.

How Smart is George Walker Bush?

The media questioned Bush’s intelligence and speculated about his IQ. In 2001, a hoax report circulated claiming that Bush had the lowest IQ of any American president. While there is no official record of Bush’s IQ test scores, there is documentation of the SAT score he attained during his senior year at Philips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, an elite preparatory institution.

His score on the SAT was 1206, a figure that Steve Sailer linked to an IQ of 120. Moreover, Bush’s performance on his military qualifying test indicates that his IQ was in the mid-120s, which puts him in the top 5% for intelligence. In addition, according to the article in the journal Political Psychology, Bush’s IQ was estimated to be 125.

The study, as reported in the journal Political Psychology, estimated Bill Clinton’s IQ at 149, while George W Bush’s was approximated to be 125. The director of the study remarks that Bush might be ‘much smarter’ than the findings suggest.

In conclusion, George Walker Bush’s IQ is estimated to be around 125. This IQ score places him among the higher end of college graduates in terms of intellect.

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