Jordan Peterson IQ

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural commentator, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto has amassed a considerable following because of his controversial opinion on gender, religion, and politics. Many view him as highly intelligent, but is he truly as brilliant as they claim? Peterson, known for his academic rigor and candid views, has openly talked about his IQ scores, giving a glimpse into the intellectual capacity of a distinguished university professor.

How Smart is Jordan Peterson?

According to Peterson, intelligence encompasses more than just IQ or academic success. In an interview with Joe Rogan, he explained that intelligence involves solving complex problems, adapting, learning, thinking, communicating, cooperating, competing, and innovating. During his early years, Jordan Peterson attained an impressive IQ score of 156 on the Standford-Binet Scale, positioning him firmly within the upper ranks of intellectual capacity.

However, over time, influenced by multiple factors, his IQ score slightly decreased to 145. These numbers still remain well above average, indicating his deep intellectual capabilities. Peterson’s talent for solving complex problems is evident in his work as a psychologist.

He has assisted numerous individuals in successfully overcoming personal challenges and has significantly contributed to the field of psychology through his writing. Moreover, his capacity for learning is further demonstrated by his significant understanding of diverse subjects, spanning philosophy, politics, and religion. Peterson’s knack for critical thinking is apparent through his analysis of complex topics and his skill in articulating his ideas persuasively.

In conclusion, Jordan Peterson is a remarkably talented individual with an IQ score of 145. Despite potential disagreements with his perspective on certain issues, his standing as a respectful and influential figure in psychology and beyond remains indisputable. Peterson’s IQ scores, his involvement in psychometrics, and his role in enhancing the accuracy of IQ tests portray him as a profoundly intellectual individual.

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