Robert Oppenheimer’s IQ

After Christopher Nolan’s massive hit, The Oppenheimer, everyone became aware of the geniuses of Robert Oppenheimer and his contributions to the development of atomic bombs. His intellectual capabilities and exceptionally curious yet controversial brain have been the talk of the town. This makes us wonder whether Robert Oppenheimer’s IQ was high or not.

Let us dive right in and learn all about his intelligence quotient and contributions to the development of atomic physics.

Estimating, Oppenheimer’s IQ score is 135, and any value above 13 is considered a gifted mind, meaning he would be among the top 1% of the physicists in his era. Born in 1904 in New York, Oppenheimer was always a bright student at Harvard University, where he learned all science subjects and gained advanced education in religion, sociology, economics, and politics.

Later, he also attended Cambridge University for his MPhil, where another popular physicist Ernest Rutherford was his teacher. After this, he went to the University of Gottingen in Germany to receive his PhD and spent most of his time researching and publishing books on quantum and theoretical physics. Most of his university mates would define him as a calm person with an exceptionally curious mind.

When he joined the California Institute of Technology and was called upon by President Roosevelt to create an atomic weapon, he was given the title of The Father of the Atomic Bomb. Throughout this time, he served as the chairperson of the US Atomic Energy Commission and scientific director of the project. All these achievements alone are more than enough to prove his intellectual abilities.

In conclusion, Robert Oppenheimer was the popular physicist who created the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan. He had an IQ score of a gifted individual and made significant contributions to the development of hydrogen bombs.

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