Albert Einstein’s IQ Score

Who is not familiar with the geniuses of Albert Einstein and his significant contributions to theoretical physics? One question that frequently gets public attention and makes a hot topic for discussion is the IQ score of history’s greatest mind. Well, his intellect, undoubtedly beyond the ordinary, has much more complexities than a standard intelligence test.

Do you want to know more about Albert Einstein’s IQ score and his cognitive ability? Keep reading this guide to get a sneak peek into his smarter identity.

Sources usually state that Einstein’s IQ was anywhere near 160, which makes him a gifted individual with above-average intelligence. However, others believe that Albert Einstein didn’t take a formal IQ test during his time and there is no official record of his intelligence. This is where the rumors of Einstein’s 190 IQ score were spread.

Though Einstein’s IQ score is a contested figure, there is no doubt about his gifted mind and cognitive abilities. He is best known for the development of the theory of relativity, which is mainly responsible for our understanding of time, space, and gravity and became the iconic discovery in physics. His ability to apply complex mathematical concepts to theoretical phenomena is what fields his intellect.

However, this wasn’t a sudden genius tale, he has always been a highly proficient student and showed exceptional understanding of science subjects during his early years. Despite his high-functioning autism, his cognitive potential is nothing less than brilliance. But it wasn’t just a tale of extraordinary cognition but his approach to work and demonstration of artistic, emotional, and social skills greatly added to his personality.

In essence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that, unlike other legendary scientists, Einstein’s intelligence was multi-faceted. He not only excelled in understanding the complex nature of science but also showed an inclination toward society, emotions, and social interactions.

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