Average IQ in Europe

The average IQ in Europe is high but not too high. It means that there are a few countries that have a higher IQ than that of the people living in Europe. The first and foremost example of this deviation is Japan and Taiwan, the two countries that have the highest IQ in the entire world.

There are various reasons behind this IQ level in Europe. You would be surprised by the reasons that lead to a slightly lower average IQ in Europe.

The major reasons include hereditary factors, societal, and educational systems. For further details, I suggest you keep reading down below.

Average IQ in Europe

The average IQ in Europe is about 100. The mean deviation of IQ from this average score in Europe stands between 98 and 103. In comparison to the IQ of Europe, the mean deviation of IQ in the USA stands somewhere between 97 and 102.

For your ease, I am about to draw up a table representing the IQs of various countries so that you can have a better idea of all the countries that have a higher IQ than Europe.

CountryIQ (Lynn/Becker)
Hong Kong105.37
South Korea102.35

Genetic Factors

One of the most common reasons for 100 IQ levels in Europe is the genetic factor. It is in the genes of the people of Europe to have a slightly lower IQ.

Education System

Another reason for the lower IQ level in Europe is little emphasis is placed on the education system. Children are made to prioritize their personal enjoyment and family obligations. And in the end comes education. So, from the beginning, less emphasis is put on the educational aspect of a child’s life.

Societal Factors

Societal factors also contribute to the 100 IQ in Europe. In every social gathering, the emphasis is always on enhancing the social aspects of an individual rather than the educational aspect. This is the reason why most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen in Europe are uneducated.

So, it is safe to say that the average IQ in Europe is around 100 which is definitely lower than many countries in the world including Japan, Taiwan, Finland, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, and South Korea. This lower IQ in Europe has various contributing factors including hereditary, educational, and societal.

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