Nepal Average IQ

Nepal is known worldwide for several heart-warming facts, like its scenic views, rich culture, cuisine, and warm hospitality. But have you ever thought about the intellectual abilities of the people of Nepal? If you are here, you must be thinking about Nepal’s average IQ.

The Nepal average IQ is 43; yes, you have read it right, it is only 43. Can you guess their ranking among other countries according to IQ? They have the last ranking in the word list, and some reports reveal Nepal average IQ is 51, but it is still low and has not affected their ranking a bit.

The IQ score of Nepalese and their ranking rings a bell, indicating that all the individuals in the country lack intellectual ability. Because their IQ is lowest, does that mean they can’t even perform daily life tasks? There is a possibility that IQ tests are generally used to determine if a person’s intelligence does not align with Nepal’s culture, environment, and education system.

Factors Affecting the IQ Score

After reading the above information, you all must wonder why Nepal’s average IQ score is so low. IQ measures an individual’s cognitive abilities, which may vary from person to person, but an entire nation scoring below average is alarming.

We think socioeconomic conditions and cultural differences are significant reasons behind this. Let’s look at other factors that influence an individual’s IQ score.

  • Poverty is one of the most common reasons behind low IQ because the majority of people have no access to education, proper diet, and healthcare, which impacts their cognition negatively.
  • Moreover, no proper educational resources exist in rural areas and small towns. No access to quality education contributes to the lower IQ of people of Nepal.
  • Cultural and linguistic differences are also why Nepal has the lowest IQ score. The culture and language of Nepal are very different from those used in standardized IQ tests. These tests usually focus on Western culture and linguistics.
  • The method used to calculate test results does not count language barriers, cultural differences, etc., so the IQ interpretation might be wrong.
  • Moreover, the IQ report is by Richard Lynn, known for his racial discrimination and controversial views. Eugenicists have criticized his work, too, which questions the validity of his IQ report.

The average IQ in Nepal is the lowest among all the countries, only approximately 43. Even the IQ of a toddler or a gorilla is between 75 and 95. Does that mean Nepalis have a lower IQ than a gorilla?

Why the entire nation has failed to get a near-average score on IQ tests needs to be clarified. We have discussed all the factors influencing IQ scores that are the probable reasons behind the low IQ scores in Nepal.

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