Average IQ in China

Unsurprisingly, the People’s Republic of China is listed among the highest IQ nations in the world. According to the 2024 ranking, China has the 5th rank on the list of the highest IQ in the world. For all those who are wondering what is the average IQ score in China, it is 104.1.

With a population of 1,425,671,352 and a 96.36% literacy rate, their IQ score reflects their dedication to education and how much they emphasize the intellectual growth of their people. It, in return, benefits the country by helping it grow economically and advance technologically.

Factors Affecting the High IQ Average in a Country

There are 195 countries in the world, so something must contribute to the high IQ average in some. So, the factors that play a significant role in building higher IQ are:

  • Countries that have better education systems tend to have higher IQs.
  • Also, diet and nutritional intake significantly impact a child’s cognitive development. The better the diet, the higher the IQ score.
  • Moreover, people belonging to countries that prioritize education and intellectual learning have higher IQs.
  • Your genetics play a significant role in determining your IQ.
  • Socioeconomic factors like easy access to education and better resources are essential for higher IQ scores.
  • Also, the environment you live in affects your intelligence. Someone living in a pollutant-free climate has better cognitive development than others. Hence, his IQ score is also higher.
  • Moreover, children of educated parents have access to better educational resources, which makes them score better on IQ tests.
  • High-quality pre-schooling leaves a positive impact and helps the individual score better on IQ tests.
  • IQ tests focus on various factors, and according to reports, emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in education is the key to a higher IQ population.

The average IQ score in China is 104.1, the fifth-highest IQ score in the world. Their better education system and technical advancement lead to higher IQs and astonishing economic growth.

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