Average IQ in Japan – Highest Average IQ Country in the World

The average IQ in Japan is ranked the highest in the entire world. Hence, it is generally considered that the Japanese people are the most intelligent people in the entire world even though there is no hard proof to validate this claim. And it’s definitely possible for more intelligent people to be living in any other part of the world as well.

Average IQ in Japan

The average IQ in Japan stands at 106.48. It is a relatively high IQ level and thereby, Japan was considered to have the highest average IQ in the world for the year 2024.

There are various factors for the high IQ level in Japan as discussed below.

1. Education System

In Japan, education is the first and foremost priority of individuals. The emphasis on education is so great that even family obligations come second to education and personal enjoyment is few and far between. From a very young age, children are advised to study harder which is why a child in Japan spends more hours on studies than anywhere in the world.

Besides that, the education system is also very efficient and effective. It is designed to equip the individuals with maximum information that their brains can hold and devise tactics to help retain all that information for a long time.

2. Cultural Factor

The Japanese cultural factor also plays a vital role in bringing about a higher average IQ in the country. Hard work and commitment to one’s goals and ambitions are practiced by each and every individual.

3. Societal Factors

The Japanese society is also primarily focused on personal development and education. In every social gathering, the major topic of discussion is always constructive and based on intelligence-enhancing topics.

They have a culture of motivating and uplifting everybody in society so that they can all contribute towards the growth of the country as a whole.

So, it is safe to say that the average IQ of people in Japan is the highest in the world. The reason behind this fact is their education system that promotes growth and personal development. In addition to that, there are also various cultural and societal factors that have contributed to the higher IQ of the Japanese people.

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