Sheldon Cooper IQ

Sheldon Cooper is an enigmatic character in The Big Bang Theory, a fascinating CBC sitcom in which the leading character, Sheldon Cooper, possesses exceptional intelligence. Cooper is a science lover who likes to discuss his ideas with people, he is self-obsessed and often feels jealous of other intelligent people. The Big Bang Theory fans often ask about Sheldon Cooper’s IQ, so come with me to explore his IQ scores.

CBC Sitcom Character IQ

Sheldon Cooper works as a scientist and researcher in a TV show and he often discusses the complex physics and natural science ideas with his friend and roommate Leonard. He also has two more friends, Raj and Wolowitz, who seem uninterested in Cooper’s personality, and they do not consider Cooper as their friend but they meet Cooper because of Leonard. However, Cooper demonstrates exceptional IQ and excellent memory.

Cooper not only has a high IQ but also has traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) based on the current DSM manual. He is unable to build bonds with people, seems emotionally blanked in some scenes, and highly emotional in other scenes. He faces difficulty initiating interaction with people, has repetitive behaviours, and has restricted interests, such as he only likes to discuss physics and DC or Marvel superheroes.

In my opinion, Sheldon Cooper is an enigmatic character and a demonstration of the people who possess exceptional cognitive skills but also face mental health problems. There is no evidence that Copper participated in the IQ test, but in one scene, he says that his and Leonard’s IQs add up to 360 and in another scene his mother says that Cooper’s IQ is equal to Einstein’s, simply put, his IQ score is 187.

Sheldon Cooper is such an interesting character who possesses extraordinary cognitive abilities, but he still has problems with social interaction and engages in repetitive behaviour. His personality is a depiction of a person who has a high intellectual mind but still struggles to fit in society. Anyhow, I hope this information will help you in the future.

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