Iain Armitage IQ

If you’ve watched Big Bang Theory or Young Sheldon, you must know Iain Armitage. He’s a young American actor who gained popularity because of his complex character. His acting was admired by millions of people worldwide.

Iain’s fans are intrigued to know whether he’s similar to Sheldon Cooper. Scroll down if you want to know his IQ score.

Iain Armitage IQ

Iain Armitage, popularly known as Sheldon Cooper, is a 15-year-old American actor. He played the role of Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory. His role as Sheldon Cooper portrays him as an intelligent, gifted kid.

Iain’s character as Sheldon Cooper was liked by the people. His character’s selfish and self-centered behavior made him trouble everyone. But he had a great mind, which made him willing to get better and improve.

His intelligence in the shows makes people think of his mental ability in real life. Iain admitted many times that he wasn’t a genius like Sheldon Cooper.

His fans are not ready to believe this. How did he absorb the information Sheldon used? It isn’t easy to memorize physics and mathematics without understanding it.

The actor’s IQ isn’t available on any platform because he never discussed it. According to the show, Sheldon’s IQ was 187, which is too high for Iain. He admitted that he’s not stupid nor a genius in real life.

It can be estimated that he has an average IQ of above 110 because he plays complex roles in the shows. Hence, playing a character with such maturity or intelligence is challenging if you don’t relate to it.

An article on Iain Armitage’s IQ gives an insight into the actor’s intelligence. He played the character of an intelligent boy, but he isn’t the same in real life.

The young actor never disclosed his IQ score as it’s very personal. However, his fans consider him above average because of his complex role.

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