Ted Kaczynski IQ

Ted Kaczynski was an incredibly intelligent mathematician who served as a professor at the University of California for a brief period. He is known for his high IQ, which left everyone astonished when he participated in an IQ test. But he ended up becoming a terrorist; let’s explore what made a genius think like a murderer.

American Mathematician IQ

Ted Kaczynski’s name is associated with various controversies, as some claim that tech companies did not want him to spread ideas related to his views on technology; therefore, these companies decided to remove him from the scene. Others believe that he committed a crime; therefore, he was jailed, and later, he died due to the consequences of his actions.

He was a mathematician with an incredibly high IQ. Some authentic sources claim that his IQ score was 167, which is why he could solve complex mathematical problems within a few minutes.
He wrote a manifesto on the dangers of technology because he wanted to persuade people to stop using technological devices. He believed that these devices are harmful to humans and may cause more significant threats in the future.

In his work, “Industrial Society and Its Future,” he discusses that industrialization is a threat to humans; it can ruin the lives of millions of people. He says that industrialization and technology have made us slaves, attacked our freedom and changed our views about the world; we used to believe in well-being or love, but now we are compelled to worry about productivity and efficiency. He also suggests that we should acquire a simple lifestyle, the only way to bring real happiness and well-being in life.

No doubt, his ideas are revolutionary, but his urge to dismantle the industrial-technological revolution is an idealistic approach. Later, he killed people through the mail bombs and got arrested; then, an investigation proved that his mail bomb had killed 3 people, that’s why he disappeared from the scene. Anyhow, one should not acquire an extremist approach if one wants to change the world.

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