Nikola Tesla IQ

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and electric engineer, known best for his extraordinary intellectual capabilities and notable contributions to the evolution of history. He is a synonym for extravagant intellect and social awkwardness. Nikola Tesla’s exceptional memory and problem-solving abilities make us wonder about the level of his cognitive potential.

Are you one of us and thinking what is Nikola Tesla IQ? I have all the answers for you. Here is all you need to know about his scientific contributions and conventional smartness.

For freshers, it is believed that Tesla had an IQ range from 150 to 310, depending on the scale of measurement. And, we are well aware that any digit above 130 makes an individual fall into the gifted category with exceptional intellectual potential. Born in 1856 in Austria-Hungary, Nikola Tesla was always an academically bright person and held a curious mind.

One of his most significant achievements in the field of electricity was the invention of the Tesla coil, which is a device that produces high-voltage and low-current electricity. This invention proved revolutionary in the development of alternating current, today known as AC. Tesla believed that, unlike DC electricity, AC current transmitted over longer distances more effectively, and it turned out to be the common practice for all modern systems.

Also, Tesla coils are used in movies and TV shows, not to mention real-life applications like wireless power transmission. All in all, Tesla was an incredible inventor and had over 300 patents. His revolutionary and life-changing ideas on communication, wireless networking, and technology are evident enough of his extraordinary intellect.

In essence, Nikola Tesla was one of the smartest people across the globe with an IQ range between 160 and 310. His significant contributions to the field of electricity make him an intelligent and ambitious individual.

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