Lex Luthor IQ

Lex Luthor’s IQ is a very fascinating topic especially when he is a highly gifted comic book character. He is a brilliant sociopath who is fearlessly ruthless and persistent.

He repeatedly exhibits high levels of intelligence and brilliance through his acts. For further details relating to this matter, keep on reading down below.

Lex Luthor IQ

Lex Luthor is a comic book character with an IQ higher than that of Batman. His IQ is usually compared with the IQ of Albert Einstein and Batman because it gives a proper estimate of his intelligence. Albert Einstein had an IQ of 180 Batman had an IQ of 190, whereas Lex Luthor had an IQ of flagging 225.


Lex Luthor has the ability to stay persistent in his goals until he achieves what he wants. He has a great mental focus that helps him stay on his path until he reaches his destination.

Strategy Build Up

Lex Luthor also has a smart mind that helps him devise sound strategies to accomplish his tasks. He has a gifted focus that helps him keep building strategy after strategy until his plan is successful.

Laser Sharp Focus

Another great representation of his intelligence is his laser-sharp focus. He has the ability to cut off all distractions from his mind and put extreme focus on a specific task at hand.

So, it is safe to say that Lex Luthor is indeed a highly intelligent man who has the ability to streamline his thoughts and focus on various things at a time. In addition to that, he has a unique ability to stay persistent and devise various plans until one of them is successful in bringing him the desired results.

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