Kim Kardashian IQ

Kim Kardashian’s IQ score is a matter of great debate, especially amongst those who have watched the television series ‘The Kardashians’. Her sublime acting skills do give off an impression that she is indeed a very smart person.

However, the funny thing is that Kim Kardashian does not have a very high IQ score. For further details, keep on reading the following article.

Kim Kardashian IQ

Kim Kardashian is reported to have an IQ between 95 to 100. It means that her IQ is below average and hence she is definitely not very smart and intellectual. In fact, her sisters are the same as they all have similar IQ scores.

Reasons for Her Popularity

Good Actress

Kim Kardashian is indeed a very good actress albeit not a very smart one. She has a gift for engaging the audience with captivating acting skills and making others believe her performances.

Video Leaks

Another reason why she is so famous and amassed such a huge wealth is her leaked sex tape. It is widely believed that she herself got the tape leaked just to gain instant fame.

Social Media Pages

Kim Kardashian has social media pages on almost all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She constantly posts weird pictures and videos to keep the audience engaged.

So, it is safe to say that the IQ score of Kim Kardashian is below that of an average human being ranging between 95 and 100. Hence, it is safe to say that her smartness and intelligence had nothing to do with all the wealth that she has amassed to date. In fact, the reason behind her wealth accumulation is her acting skills, social media posts, and leaked sex tapes.

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