Nielsen IQ

Neilsen IQ or NIQ, is an international consumer intelligence company, which aims to deliver an understanding of consumer buying behavior and ways for businesses to grow. Want to know more about the working principles at Nielsen IQ?

Here is a complete guide on their work ethics and culture. So, dive right in.

Audience Measurement

The first priority of people at NIQ is measuring the behavior of consumers, and they use several data analytics for this task, including audio measurement, cross-media measurement, streaming measurement, and TV measurement. It guides businesses on how and when people are spending their time on different mediums.

Media Planning

The second area of work is media planning which aids businesses in drafting strategies to get maximum outcomes. It works on segmenting the audiences and giving them deeper insights into the media advertising landscape, so they can get a competitive edge in the market. Once done, the strategy moves to scenario planning, where you determine the right resources and budget to implement the strategy.

Marketing Optimization

Lastly, NIQ optimizes its media strategy in real time. They make informed data-driven decisions specific to your brand and offer insights into the elements that are driving sales.

Nielsen IQ is a solution for your startup to boast its sales and reach media optimization. It uses data and analytics to shape the narratives in media and measure the behavior of the audiences to discover what could be the right course of future action.

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