Cj Stroud IQ

Coleridge Bernard Stroud, also known as CJ Stound, is one of the most famous American footballers who has taken the sports world by storm. His consistent success made him one of the most successful sportspersons in American football history, but his low IQ results have heated a debate between his fans and haters. Let’s explore CJ Stroud’s IQ score and the truth behind his low IQ range.

American Footballer IQ Score

CJ Stroud is an experienced footballer who has played for the Houston Taxes in the NFL. He has won multiple awards and a series of titles, but the debate heated up between his fans and haters when he scored low on the S2 Cognition Test. According to authentic sources, he scored 18%, which is the lowest compared to the other players.

He explained his test results by stating that he is a sportsperson, not a test taker, who can perform well in the mental test. Because he has no experience with such tests, he could not score high compared to the other players. He also added that his talent is God-gifted, and he believes that he is one of the best players, so no test results can demoralize his passion to become the perfect version.

On the other hand, low test scores raise questions about his decision-making and ability to perceive the condition during a highly intense match. Some claim that he should not serve as a footballer because he does not fall under the eligibility criteria, while others claim that he can improve his test results by practicing hard.

In all this chaos of opinions, experts argue that it is possible that sportspeople score low on the cognition tests as they are trained to play on the field instead of proving cognitive abilities on a piece of paper. Additionally, various factors can contribute to earning low scores, such as mood, interest or the disturbing environment. I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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