Beetlejuice IQ

Beetlejuice is an American comedian whose real name is Laster Green. He is known as a famous YouTuber who creates content to answer mathematical questions and provide his personal view on ongoing problems. People consider him a comedian because of his low IQ, while some claim he is the dumbest person, others accuse him of faking unintelligent behaviours; let’s explore the truth behind it.

American Entertainer IQ

Laster Green is known as Beetlejuice all around the world. He has worked on multiple social media platforms, and currently, he is on YouTube and TikTok. The majority of his videos indicate that the person has a low IQ as he cannot give accurate answers to common and easy-to-understand questions.

Sources claim that he has an intellectual disability and his score is below 40 IQ, while others argue that his IQ is between 60 and 70. People who consider that he is faking behaviours argue that he does not have any intellectual disability and he can perform all complex tasks.

Because there are multiple opinions and views regarding his intellectual abilities, it is difficult to rate his IQ. He has a fan base of millions of people on TikTok, and various celebrities invite him for podcasts and interviews. His behaviour in videos and short clips demonstrates that Beetlejuice has an intellectual disability and his mind does not properly function compared to the average person.

Beetlejuice is an entertainer who portrays himself as unintelligent on social media and in movies. Sources claim that he has an intellectual disability, and there is no authentic record of his IQ score. I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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