William James Sidis IQ

William James Sidis needs no introduction, an American child prodigy born in 1898 had an IQ above Albert Einstein. His story is a mixture of personal struggles and extraordinary mental accomplishments. If you are interested in knowing more about his political activism, cognitive abilities, and emotional IQ, keep reading.

Reportedly, William James Sidis’s IQ stands between 250 and 300, which is representative of exceptional brilliance. When he was 11, Sidis enrolled at Harvard University, becoming one of the youngest people to enter the prestigious institution. He had a natural inclination toward mastering multiple languages and solving complicated mathematical concepts.

At the age of 6, James Sidis mastered six languages, including English, Latin, German, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, and Armenian. However, at one point, he moved away from the public eye, and that’s when his life took a turn. Sidis biographer Amy Wallace said in an interview with All Things Considered,

“He became a household name, and he hated it.”

During this time, he became an avid writer and political activist, which is true evidence of his human intelligence potential and emotional maturity. He went on to write books like “The Animate and the Inanimate” and “The Tribes and the State”.

William James Sidis inherited a smart mind and high emotional intelligence from his parents, Boris (a famous psychologist) and Sarah (a doctor). For him, the unnecessary attention was an interruption. In the end, he chose his passion for writing and political activism over the limelight.

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