Rowan Atkinson IQ

Rowan Atkinson is the favorite of many kids and rules the hearts of many because of his character, Mr. Bean. He is a comedic genius, and what people like the most about him is his quick wit, topped with impeccable timing that gets people rolling on the floor laughing. But beyond that laughter and the humorous world of Mr. Bean, many are curious to know Rowan Atkinson’s IQ.

What is Rowan Atkinson’s IQ?

Exploring Rowan Atkinson’s IQ was all out of curiosity and fun, but his 178 IQ surprised us. Yes, you heard it right: the legendary comedian Rowan Atkinson has an IQ of 178. He is one of those rare individuals blessed with creativity, humor, and intellect.

No doubt, 178 IQ is super high, but according to standardized IQ tests, an IQ score over 130 is considered very high. Moreover, only 2% of the population in the world has an IQ of over 130.

Imagine how rare it would be 178 IQ? It is extremely rare, and our comedic icon, Rowan Atkinson, has it. Who knew our favorite comedy actor was blessed with such high intellectual abilities?

What’s more surprising is that his IQ is more than that of renowned scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen William Hawking. Both had IQs near 160, but Rowan Atkinson’s IQ is 178, better than Einstein and Hawking.

Not just acting, he was a brilliant student with an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the renowned Queen’s College, Oxford. It is hard to swallow that an actor famous for making silly jokes was a brilliant student with an IQ of 178, which must be higher than many actors in the industry. Moreover, he belongs to 0.1% of individuals worldwide who have a 178 IQ or over.

Rowan Atkinson is a fine actor, and no one would have thought he is blessed with a 178 IQ, which is quite rare in the entertainment industry and the existing human population. Beyond his acting skills, Rowan Atkinson shines like a bright star for his academic achievements and intellectual prowess.

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