Neil DeGrasse Tyson IQ

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a US astrophysicist, science communicator, and author, and his rise to fame has been his public interviews explaining scientific phenomena. Given his popularity and notable contributions to the public education of astrophysics, many speculate whether he is a certified textbook genius and has one of the highest IQ scores in the world.

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Sources believe that DeGrasse Tyson has an IQ score of 123, which is well above average, but not what everyone expects of such an intelligent person. However, many believe that it is not the right score and the test doesn’t capture the full spectrum of his cognitive abilities. Either way, here are a few notable mentions that should be considered while covering his intelligence.

  • Tyson attended Harvard University and received an undergraduate degree in Physics.
  • He has an MPhil and PhD in astrophysics from Columbia University.
  • Tyson has authored top-selling books on astrophysics like Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and Death by Black Hole. He also frequently writes for the Natural History Magazine’s Universe column.
  • Tyson has received several honors, including the Public Welfare Medal from the National Academy of Sciences, the Stephen Hawking Award for Communication, and the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal.
  • President George W. Bush appointed him to work on the Commission on the Future of US Aerospace Industry and Space Exploration Policy.

Aside from academic and career excellence, Tyson also dabbled in music. He was seen getting into a rap battle with B.o.B, a satire about the flat earth theory. Eventually, it turned into a viral song.

Finally, if we talk about some of the smart people alive today, Neil DeGrasse Tyson would definitely be included in the list. He has made several contributions to astronomical science, physical sciences, and astrophysics.

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