What Was Isaac Newton’s IQ?

Isaac Newton is one of those few people who turned the direction of human progress around 360 degrees. Experts say if you meet Newton, you will find him weird because he used to live in his imagination, spend most of his time in a room with his notebook and pen, and has no educational background, but still, he could suggest incredible solutions to the problems. When I read his short biography and his personal life, it made me curious to explore his IQ, and I found fascinating results.

Isaac Newton IQ

We all know that Newton was the one who discovered the gravitational force, his three most significant laws of physics, and his contributions to mathematics. But we never wondered how intelligent he was; some say that he was more intelligent than Einstein, while others consider him a person who did not like to study and was passionate about imagining complex phenomena.

No doubt, he was one of the most intelligent people of all time, as he solved the problems of mathematics and physics that no one could sort out before him. When we analyze his contributions, we find that his IQ might lie between 170 and 190, meaning he was more intelligent than Darwin, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and or Neil Bohr.

Newton not only discovered the force of gravity, but he also gave us a solution to escape from the earth’s gravity, which Americans used during the mission to the moon. This means that he also contributed to taking humans from Earth to the moon. We should appreciate his efforts and acknowledge his contributions to science.

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