Emma Watson IQ

You must’ve watched Harry Potter if you’re an Emma Watson fan. She debuted as Hermoine Granger in the series and was shown as an intelligent girl. This makes her fans think about how Emma is in real life.

If you want to know whether Emma is as intelligent as Hermoine from the series, refer to the information below. You won’t be surprised to know there’s no difference between both.

Emma Watson IQ

Emma Watson, known for her role in the Harry Potter series, has been everyone’s favorite since 2001. She entered the film industry as a child star but is one of the most liked celebrities to date. Emma is not only a great actress but is intelligent, too.

She falls into the group of brilliant people, having an IQ of 138. Remember that only 0.5% of the world’s population is considered highly intelligent and wise. She spent most of her childhood on the sets of Harry Potter and has been accomplishing since then.

Apart from playing the role of Hermoine Granger, Emma used to read a lot. Later, she graduated with a Linguistics degree and was considered an intelligent student. She was an art fan influenced by Jenny Saville, Egon Schiele, and Francis Bacon.

Emma faced many problems in life, but not being intelligent wasn’t one of them. She’s a gifted speaker and uses his intelligence for good causes. Emma is a lot like Hermoine from the Harry Potter series.

Her efforts, support for women, and speeches on gender equality tell everyone how remarkable she is. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Emma Watson is a beauty with brains.

The article on Emma Watson’s IQ can help fans understand her intelligence level. She is the true meaning of beauty with brains. Her acting skills, spot-on interviews, and speeches on gender equality advocate her intelligence.

Emma has an IQ score of 138, which proves her intelligence and smart-mindedness. She’s a great actress and everyone’s favorite celebrity.

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