Adragon De Mello IQ

Adragon De Mello was an ingenious American chess player who gained fame in the late 20th century. He captured the world’s attention for his extraordinary intelligence during his youth, and most of us are still in disbelief. At such a young age, De Mello has managed to achieve significant career milestones and academic achievements.

For anyone still in awe, here is all you need to know about Adragon De Mello’s IQ and extraordinary brilliance. So, keep reading.

Born on April 18, 1976, in California, Adragon De Mello is the son of Agustin De Mello. Reportedly, Adragon De Mello has an IQ score of 400, which is the highest intelligence ranking for any human being, making him a prodigy. When he was 11, De Mello made a historical achievement by becoming the first person in America to earn a college degree in computational Mathematics.

This remarkable milestone drew media attention and placed him in the Guinness World Record book. Unfortunately, his life took a turn when he was accepted at the Florida Institute of Technology but he chose not to enroll given the academic pressure, partially driven by his father’s ambitions.

Later, he distanced himself from the fame and decided to lead a more conventional lifestyle away from the spotlight. Many believe that though he outperforms most in conventional intelligence, the IQ test may have lacked in understanding the aspects of his emotional and social intelligence.

In essence, the smartest person to date, Adragon De Mello needs no introduction. With an IQ score of 400, De Mello made the historical achievement of getting a computational mathematics degree at the age of 11. I hope this guide was helpful for anyone who wants to get familiar with De Mello’s intellect.

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