Sal Khan IQ

Salman Amin Khan, popularly known as Sal Khan is an American-born educator and founder of the Khan Academy. His platform generated hype across the globe, a free online platform that has produced over 6500 educational video lessons on a diverse range of academic subjects, particularly science and math. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Sal Khan is an intelligent individual.

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Much to our disappointment, Sal Khan has never disclosed his Mensa IQ score, but many believe that it would lie between the range of 130 and 140. Simply put, it is safe to assume that Khan is a gifted individual and the way he simplifies complex scientific phenomena is well-documented proof of it.

Born in 1976, in Louisiana, Sal belongs to a Bengali-Muslim household and was a cartoonist for most of his high-school life. He took upper-level advanced Mathematics courses at the University of New Orleans before enrolling in MIT for a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Later, he got another Bachelor’s in Mathematics and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

As of now, the Khan Academy’s YouTube channel has over 8 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. He was also named in the annual Times top 100 publications and featured on the cover of the Forbes magazine with the tagline, “The $1 Trillion Opportunity”.

There is no doubt about the intelligence of Sal Khan. His YouTube tutorials gained momentum suddenly and got him the sponsorship of Ann Doerr, John Doerr’s wife. What most people don’t know about Sal is that he also founded the Khan Lab School, a private school in Mountain View, California.

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