Drake IQ

Drake is a celebrity who has dominated the entertainment world for the most part. Given his extensive work and influence on the masses, it is natural to become curious about his intelligence and personality. Thankfully, his multi-faceted career and media appearances are enough confirmation of his high caliber.

If you are one of us and want to inquire more about Drake’s IQ score, keep reading.

Aubrey Drake Graham, professionally known as Drake, is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, and businessman. Reportedly, he has an IQ score of 142, which falls in the category of exceptionally gifted intellectual, and indicates an extraordinary cognitive talent. It also suggests that Drake’s intelligence is in the upper extreme, meaning that he is from the top 1% of the population.

The first aspect of his musical intelligence is his ability to write ingenious and thought-provoking lyrics. Most of his songs have a catchy vibe yet complex lyrics that resonate with a broader audience and indicate his potential to communicate effectively. Many experts believe that he can identify patterns and reflect on rhythms, showing his innate understanding of melodies.

Apart from this, he has showcased his business mastery by successfully navigating the world of entrepreneurship. He has invested in multiple brands and even produced his own record label, OVO Sound. Drake has also partnered with high-profile brands like Apple and Nike, reflecting his powerful mind, capable of understanding complex market dynamics.

Given her extensive career and multi-faceted body of work, there is zero doubt about Drake being intellectually gifted. His accomplishments speak volumes about his creativity and cognition.

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